Spa Treatments the Borgo Egnazia Way: Serene Luxury

At Borgo Egnazia’s Vair Spa, we take you on a surreal psycho-physical journey of relaxation.

We are not just about giving you a massage. Any other spa can do that. Here, we take you on a journey to explore your senses. We help you reach a state of relaxation and serenity you never thought possible. We help you peel the stress away and help you find a soothing peace deep within your mind.

Borgo Egnazia Spa Treatments- Excellence by Design

Everything about Vair Spa has been carefully selected. From its location in our Pompeii-style building, down to the sheets on the mattress, we designed everything to give you a memorable experience.

Our flickering candle light adorns the scene. The trickling water and cocooning silence soothes and refreshes your spirit.

You can have any spa treatment you want at Egnazia. From a body massage, to a manicure and facial, you only need to name it. Plus we also have a musician on standby that will help you explore your voice, or just send you further into that deep, Zen-like state of psychological release.

Our Vair Spa is not just about making you feel at home. It is about giving you an unforgettable experience for both body and soul.

Pamper Yourself Fully with a Borgo Egnazia Treatment

We pamper you like no other can. We provide the tender care many can only promise. By incorporating ancient arts into all we do, we aim to improve your mental and physical health.

With our skilled hands, we map every stress and pressure point and draw it out, all in an environment that is simply heavenly.

Our customers are often reluctant to leave after a spa treatment at the Borgo Egnazia hotel. And we know why. Even if we employed the most skilful writers in the world, they would still struggle to capture it in words. To understand Vair Spa, you need to experience it. It is that simple.

Feel Spoiled with Borgo Egnazia Spa Treatments

Like everything at Borgo Engazia, we spoil you at Vair Spa. It is a wellness oasis waiting to be explored. We searched far and wide to get the best oil, the best people, the best ambiance and crafted the best experience out of them.

We want to give you an experience that will last in your memory for a lifetime. It was hard. But we know you deserve it.

When you come to Bogo Engazia, you will find our luxury spa irresistible. After one experience it will always call to your spirit. This is because you become an instant hit with our staffs in the spa. We connect with you and lead you on a journey that awakens your senses.

Yes, we are a 5-star premium resort but that doesn’t do justice to this sanctuary. It is stylish, serene, yet decadent. Some call it extravagance; we call it a generous dose of sophisticated relaxation.

Given the beauty and soothing calm that Mother Nature blessed Puglia with, we didn’t need to go that far to make the Vair Spar the envy of all. But we reached the ends of our world, at times literally, to make the Vair spa what it is.

Visit Borgo Englizia spa treatment centre on your holiday.

We can’t wait to see you. We can’t wait to help you shrug off all your cares, burdens and nagging responsibilities. Here at Borgo Egnazia, it’s okay to be relaxed, to let go.

We guarantee you will leave us feeling revitalized; even re-born!

To find out more about a holiday at Borgo Egnazia get in touch today. Awaken your sense.