Borgo Egnazia Spa- Award Winning Luxury

Your Borgo Egnazia holiday is not complete without a rejuvenating therapy in the Borgo Egnazia Vair Spa.

The Vair Spa is a crown jewel of the Borgo Egnazia . It is our special guarantee to you of a truly relaxing and rehabilitating holiday.

Our Vair Spa is staffed by fully qualified men and women who know exactly what to do to give your body care that exceeds your expectation.

Relax and unwind; come out cleansed and renewed by our unique and innovative spa treatments. Some clients fondly call it the “Borgo Egnazia house of magic”, and no wonder.

An ancient setting fo the Borgo Egnazia Spa

Our spa is aptly named the Vair Spa because of its ancient and traditional setting that gives it an impressive touch of history and prestige. It is strategically housed in the magnificent ‘La Corte’ building, which also contains the hotel rooms, to give you easy entry into our “house of magic”.

The Vair Spa, Borgo Egnazia, is sprawled over two hundred square meters of enchanting Puglian landscape surrounded by unspoiled nature, and steeped in Apulian history. It takes up all of two floors to provide a comprehensive spa facility for your ultimate enjoyment.

Step into the seductive ambience of the beautifully lit spa and be lulled into a complete state of relaxation.

Give yourself over to the capable hands of our Vair Spa staff, draped in Grecian robes and skilled in helping you unwind at the touch of their hand.

Our spa is equipped with spectacular and authentic Roman baths, to wash off the grime and make the stress run swiftly away.

A Spa With traditional methods

Our therapists use traditional Apulian rituals and products to work their magic on you, and give you a spa treatment that will really transform you.

Using locally sourced pink salt scrub and other natural, healthy treatments, our staff will give your body the tender, professional care it deserves and leave you renewed.

We also use ancient, Roman practices like Roman bath rituals and Tarantism to cleanse your body and purge your mind of negativity, stresses and limits.

It is Borgo Egnazia spa treatment like you have never seen before; it will amaze, delight and leave you with the permanent feeling that you have experienced something truly special.

For a complete therapy

  • Facials – Our therapists use special, traditional methods and materials to cleanse every pore on your face; leaving it smooth and glowing for a long time to come.
  • Pedicure and Manicure – When our spa staff are done with your nails, palms and feet, you’ll look for every opportunity to flaunt them.

The materials and cleansing methods they use guarantee your hands and feet are totally rid of callouses, fungi and dead skin cells.

  • Full skin treatment – Discover the glow of a flawless skin with our unique skin treatment. Our waxing and salt scrub treatments are second to none. We also offer other special skin treatments using exclusive and superior materials to give your skin that look you’ve only dreamed of.

Our massage and hot stone therapies will make your body limp with relief.

Our staff can also give you tips on how to keep looking beautiful long after your Borgo Egnazia holiday. It is superb value for money from a holiday resort that cares.

  • Therapy and Healing – For a complete spa treatment that will restore you to health, reenergize you and get you rearing to face life again, avail yourself of our special spa healing therapies.

Using ancient philosophies and traditional treatments, our healing therapies are guaranteed to rid you of toxic substances and energy that wear your body and mind out.

Be free of unexplained headaches, insomnia and lethargy; let our staff transform you into a bundle of energy and health.

A visit to our Vair Spa is more than self-indulgence and luxury: it is comprehensive self care, it is a debt you owe yourself.

We’re so good at it

Our Vair Spa has won prestigious best spa awards on the global stage, including:

2013 – Tatler Spa Awards: Category Winner (Best Spa Facilities)

2012 – Gala Spa Awards: Winner for Innovative Spa Concepts

The Vair Spa in Borgo Egnazia has also received several nominations for best spa, including being a 2013 Luxury Spa Awards Nominee