The Exhilarating Borgo Egnazia Beach Club

With lush, 5-star, world-class accommodation, scenic landscapes, award winning crystal-clear waters, exotic and a secluded private beach, the Borgo Egnazia beach club is the quintessential luxury beach club.

Set in the ancient and historic city of Puglia, whose coastline still bears marks of ancient Roman and Greek invaders, we simply had no choice but to create the best beach club ever. It is the only way to honour such rich heritage.

Lean Back and Relax at the Beach Club at Borgo Egnazia

The Egnazia beach club is carefully set. You can lean back, champagne in hand, against the cushion of your wooden bed and decide whether you want to dive into the sea or climb into a boat, as the white curtains billow in the wind.  You can choose to fish or go on a boat trip. The choice of water sports you can indulge in is endless.

Don’t worry about carrying any equipment or gear as everything you will need is available on rental.

A Variety of Water Sports

Here, you have the freedom to choose from a lot of activities. You can choose to sit back and relax and enjoy the sea air as you watch toned-bodies swaying past on surfboards. You can choose to dive into the water and explore the sea bed. In fact, some diving enthusiasts insist that you have not truly explored Puglia if you haven’t explored its sea bed.

Don’t worry if you’ve never dived before. We have professional instructors that will guide you every step of the way.

Freshest Food

The food is a delight. Prepared by our master chefs that are better described as artists; the food will take your taste buds on a luxury adventure. They are prepared from the freshest sources and are as healthy as they are earthy. You will experience the renowned Mediterranean range of diets at its finest.

Luxury Spa

Our luxury Vair Spa is just around the corner. We wanted to give you limitless opportunity for luxury and indulgence, and our Vair Spa helps us to keep this promise. If you want something soothing and calm after your time in the sun, we will be waiting to take care of you in the spa.

A Love Nest for Couples

Borgo Egnazia beach resort is built for families and couples and we left no stone unturned to ensure you and your partner, or your whole family, have the best time possible.

Whether you choose to watch the sun set on the beach, or watch the sun throw light through the beautiful blue Puglia sky in the morning, you will find our beach primed to delight. And you can always choose from our exotic menu any meal or drink to be served, when and where you need it.

Borgo Egnazia is about spoiling you with pleasure and our beach club is luxuriously crafted to do just that.

Book today and take the first step to an experience of a lifetime.