Borgo Egnazia Reviews

Welcome to our Borgo Egnazia reviews page. Here, we provide you with actual reviews from real people who have experienced a Borgo Egnazia holiday firsthand.

We pride ourselves on providing the best holiday experiences and we are glad our clients agree.

Give a spark to the romance with a Borgo Egnazia Holiday

Here’s an Egnazia review from Kirk and Sandy, a couple from the US:

We have been to many, different places for holidays over the years. But we needed something new, something to really spice up our relationship. That’s what Borgo Egnazia gave us. Their amazing resort facilities and surroundings gave us a holiday experience that made us see life from a new and beautiful perspective.

Honeymooners Jason and Ashley from Chelsea, agree:

When we booked our Borgo Egnazia holiday, we had a perfect getaway in mind. But we got more than that. The serene environment, the breathtaking views, the fun activities – pretty much everything – got us closer and strengthened our bond. We’d certainly recommend it to newlyweds and even old timers.

Get revitalized by our peaceful and natural Puglia resort

Nature enthusiast and writer, Debbie, finds the beautiful and unspoilt Puglia location irresistible:

Sometimes, when I need to take some time off and recharge my batteries, I go on a Borgo Egnazia holiday. I have got inspiration for some of my books in the scenic and unspoilt Puglia surroundings. When you’ve been there, you can’t stop going back”

Corporate executive Dee, couldn’t agree more in his review of Borgo Egnazia

Rejuvenating. Just rejuvenating. Borgo Egnazia was recommended by a friend and I thought I’d try it out. Every day I spent there, I felt the stress melt away. There’s just something healing about the place. I’m definitely booking them again next year!

Feed your passion with our Borgo Egnazia resort activities

Golf lover, Andreas in Greece enthuses:

I booked a Borgo Egnazia holiday because of their promise of an amazing golf course. But nothing prepared me for the feeling of experiencing it firsthand. The beautiful sea views from the course and the surrounding historic landmarks made golf a whole new experience for me. I would recommend Borgo Egnazia to real golf lovers

And from tennis pro, Ashton in London,

I’ve played tennis on many courts, at amateur and pro levels. But the experience I had at Borgo Egnazia beats them all. There’s probably no better feeling than being surrounded by magnificent olive trees and the sea breeze on your face as you hit the ball.

Maya in Gijon realizes her cooking dreams:

I love cooking, and I always loved trying new dishes. At the Borgo Egnazia cooking school, not only did I learn to cook new, Mediterranean dishes; I learned to cook them from scratch. I actually learned the secrets to some of the amazing traditional foods they serve in their restaurants. It was a beautiful experience I’ll never forget.

Experience the healing powers of our Borgo Egnazia Spa

Lisa from Darmstadt is awed by the experience:

I went on a Borgo Egnazia holiday last year and gave their spa a try. I couldn’t believe the transformation: the constant headaches and insomnia are completely gone! I feel rejuvenated and I’m more energetic than I’ve been in years. Their therapists give spa treatment a new meaning.

And the young ones aren’t left out

For Tom in Texas, Borgo Egnazia was a very welcome change:

Going on a holiday with my parents was always a bore. I would feel kinda left out because there’s really not much you can do as a teenager. When we went on this Borgo Egnazia holiday, it was hard to go back home! There was always something interesting to do and I made lots of cool friends. Their staff were very nice, too. I look forward to the next holiday already.

Don in Canada is a new master:

I never learned to swim as a kid, I was always scared. When we got there, their staff really helped me. They were very nice and patient. Now I can swim comfortably in a pool. I also learned to make jewelry, my friends are so impressed

A word or two on Design Holidays

Corrie always gets good value for money:

I have been using Design Holidays for 10 years now and I always get the best deals through them. Their staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. They make it very easy to choose a great holiday destination. I always recommend Design Holidays to friends”.

Sophie H. in London is impressed:

Went to Mont de Quita with Design holidays and they have amazing offers. I also have friends that booked through them. I only booked the villa with them and i had no problems. Their advisors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Will be booking through them again this year.