The Ultimate Puglia Region- Borgo Egnazia Fact Sheet

Puglia is a beautiful and enchanting region in Southern Italy. It’s has a rich history and fascinating landscapes that has made it a jewel for luxury travel. It also has a rich culture and is home to some of the best food Italy has to offer.

Conquered by the Greeks, Romans and then various barbarian conquerors, the ruins left by those ancient conquerors are still visible; creating an alluring, captivating feeling to the place.

For those curious to find out why this region continues to attract savvy travelers looking for something serene and special, we have created a Borgo Egnazia fact sheet that will give you a tiny glimpse of what this great region represents. Yes, Puglia is not just renowned for its enchanting beauty, there is also a great deal of substance and culture to it.

The Puglia Borgo Egnazia fact sheet:

  • There are more than fifty million olive trees in Puglia.  A lot of them are centuries old and some are over 3000 years old.
  • Puglia has the longest coastline of any region in Italy.
  • It is often referred to as “the spur of Italy’s boot or heel”.
  • To prevent people from coming down to Puglia to dig up economically-important olive trees, Puglia made laws that criminalized such actions. Digging up a tree is now illegal in Puglia.
  • Puglia has some of the world healthiest and earthy cuisine, example is the cucina povera.
  • Three sites in Puglia, including the trulli in Alberobello and magnificent Castel del Monte in Andria, are among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • There is an average of 300 sunny days every year in Puglia.
  • Puglia is where the infamous Appian Way which begins in Rome come to an ends. It’s one of the must-visit sites for historians in this region.
  • Puglia is houses a lot of ancient archeologically significant ruins and the museums are filled with excavated artifacts of ancient Greek, Roman and Messapii origin.
  • Most people in Puglia speak Italian, but there are a number of different dialects different from the official Italian, and there are also a few places that speak Greek.
  • The tarantellais believed to have originated from the area of Taranto in Puglia.
  • 40% of all olive oil produced in Italy is produced in Puglia.
  • Lecce, the capital of Salento in the Puglia region, is nicknamed the Florence of the South’, because of all the Roman ruins and Baroque architecture.
  • Puglia is the flattest region in Italy and its plateau attracts lots of bikers all year round.
  • No region in Italy produces more wine than Puglia
  • Puglia has 500 miles of coastline and ten Blue Flag beaches.
  • The Saint Nicholas Bassilica in Puglia region is named after the saint who is known as Santa Claus. The Catholic Church holds a tomb which houses a lot of religious relics and it keeps attracting religious pilgrims.
  • Castel del Monte, which is located in Andria is the only known 8-sided castle in the world and it has a pride of place on the Italian one-cent Euro.
  • Only Venice is better known that Lecce in the Papier-Mache craft and there is a museum dedicated to this art in Lecce.

If this Puglia Borgo Egnazia fact sheet has got your heart pounding and you eager to travel to the region then get in touch now, or find out more about our luxury accommodation.