Borgo Egnazia Beach – sun, sand and sea for a truly relaxing holiday


The Borgo Egnazia Beach Resort is graced by two truly magical beaches. The resort is expertly constructed to provide easy access to the beachfronts from almost every area.

The exotic beaches are lovingly maintained by dedicated staff who preserve their natural beauty. They frequently clean the beaches, preserve vegetation and natural habitats, and generally protect them from the effects of human activity to ensure that your every visit to the beach is an authentic encounter with unspoiled nature.

Cala Masciola- Borgo Egnazia Beach

This rocky beach is situated within the Borgo Egnazia resort. As you walk towards the beach, you’re greeted by natural beauty in its purest form. Lined by whitewashed stones, a look at the beach from the magnificent access roads is a picture of paradise.

Littered with caves and graced with a sky that turns an amazing pink in sunset, the Cala Masciola is a rare glimpse of captivating, picturesque nature.

Here you can laze in a cabana; treat yourself to a divine fresh fish dish; enjoy Italian pasta cooked to perfection; and chill with heavenly cocktails and moreish wine.

The Cala Masciola Borgo Egnazia beach also has a Water Sports Centre where you can engage in watersport activities. There are water sports lessons where you will be instructed by seasoned professionals with care, expertise and patience.

Life on the Cala Masciola beach is in full swing in the spring and summer: gala dinners in the Pescheria de Vito Restaurant, jazz concerts on the seashore and night beach parties bring the beach to life.

La Fonte Borgo Egnazia Beach

This is a sandy beach located just a five minute drive away from the resort. There’s a beach shuttle bus to convey holidaymakers in peak season.

This beach has fine, clean sand, and crystal clear waters, making it highly suitable for children.

It has a children’s playground, loungers, gazebos and a bar for adults.

Sit back and take in the stunning view, feel the sun and sea breeze on your face while your kids play safely on the La Fonte beach.

Come and unwind

Kick the stress and worries into the cool sea breeze, have uninhibited fun like never before in the vast beach sand and bask in the nourishing rays of Puglian sunshine.

Take some quality time away from email alerts, stressful traffic and air-conditioned air. Treat yourself to a truly relaxing experience in the soothing beach environment.

You can sit and just watch the cloudless Puglian sky touch the sea, take a walk along the stunning beachfront or explore the caves. Bring a book and read under the sunset of rare beauty, meditate in the presence of unspoiled nature or laze in the skin-nourishing Puglian beach sand.

Enjoy true tranquility in the secluded areas of the Borgo Egnazia beaches, away from the noise and din of everyday life. Experience peace, clear your mind of all thought, or make plans under the refreshing Borgo Egnazia beach conditions. Fall asleep to the lulling sounds of gentle sea waves and experience calm from the sound of nature around you.

At our beaches, it’s just you, the vast sand or rocks, the clear sea and the golden sun.

Feed the romance

The two Borgo Egnazia beaches are the perfect setting for an enriching and memorable time for couples.

Whether you’re a new couple looking for the perfect getaway or an established couple seeking to rediscover the spark, our beaches are just perfect for you.

The seductive landscape; the scenic entrances; the secluded beach locations; and the exotic beauty of the beaches provide an irresistible allure to the romantic in you.

The beautiful, pink sunset will awaken your deepest romantic feelings. The abundance of nature all around will tune your hearts to the very essence of beauty.

Take a long walk along the rocky seashore, explore nature in the vast beach sand or play around with the cool, clean Adriatic Sea breeze against your faces.

Celebrate your honeymoon, rekindle the romance or just treat yourselves to a memorable, fun time on our beaches.

Get moving, get healthy on the La Fonte Beach

Get the family together and nurture your togetherness with the many beach activities available at the La Fonte Beach.

You can run along the fine beach sand, play all sorts of safe water games, go horse riding, and play interesting beach ball games including beach bowling and mini golf, with friends and family.

The kids are in for lots of fun, too. Our sports coaches engage them in beach games that not only exercise them, but boost their creativity and teamwork as well.

Beach Clubs

Find people that share your passion, learn new things, make friends and create memories you will always cherish.

Our two beach clubs are a perfect avenue for you to engage in group activities that enrich your holiday experience.

Our watersports club organizes fishing and boat trips to give you a charmed encounter with the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. You can also go sea diving or on seabed exploration.

Get your body nourished

Spending time on our beaches provides several benefits to your skin and health in general.

  • Cleanse your lungs: The pure sea breeze and the clean Puglian air at our beaches, unspoiled by pollution, are just what you need to cleanse your body from the toxic city air. Fill your lungs with clean air, get healthier and live longer.


  • Get pure and natural vitamin D: Get your body nourished with natural vitamin D from the glorious Puglian sunshine.

Our beaches provide the perfect setting to enjoy the benefits of the measured intensity of the Puglian sun’s ultraviolet rays.

So, prevent disease, get stronger and get happier from the healthy dose of natural vitamin D in the uninhibited Puglian sunshine.

  • Heal your skin: Did you know that sea water is used to treat some skin problems? The salt exfoliates your skin naturally, removing dead skin cells and revealing a beautiful skin. The silicone in the sea water renews and strengthens your skin, making you look younger and beautiful. And, the sun-bathed beach sand dries up the skin to keep the acne away.

Our natural and unspoiled beaches provide you with the right dose and quality of these minerals to nourish your skin and protect it long after your stay.

Get natural and free skin treatment from our beaches, and return home looking more radiant and beautiful.

And it is all safe on Borgo Egnazia beaches

All beaches and beach activities are governed by safety rules and personnel, ensuring that you can have great fun without worry.

The kids are instructed and supervised by attentive staff who take every necessary step to ensure their safety. You can go along and have fun: don’t worry about our kids, we’ve got your back.

The watersports, fishing and boat trips are sanctioned by thorough professionals who ensure that every equipment is in the best condition.

Our instructors also supervise watersports lessons closely so that you can enjoy a safe introduction to your new water sport.