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Bari’s Sublime Provincial Village with Panoramic Views of the Valle d’Itria

Just 20 km from the Borgo Egnazia resort and a short trip away from neighbouring Alberobello, the town of Locorotando is circular in structure, with ancient, surrounding and intact town walls and a view of the Valle d’Itria that one should never forget.

Taking a closer look at the Puglia provinces, and the borders of Bari and Taranto, three of Puglia’s most beautiful towns are often visited together due to their close proximity. Situated between Alberobello and Martina Franca, the town of Locorotondo has officially been named as one of the ‘Borghi più belli d’Italia’, or, one of the ‘most beautiful villages in Italy’. Scattered around the Locorotondo circle are a number of ‘trulli’ dwellings, found in abundance in the nearby town of Alberobello.

This triangular road trip of this region is named the Valle d’ Itria, and it is famed for its lush green stretch of natural and agricultural vegetation; amongst this, the picturesque, winding streets, trulli and cummerse architecture, and copious vineyards. Locorotondo itself, resides in the province of Bari, and although most visitors choose to stay in the larger towns such as Alberobello or Martina Franco, the village is an exceptionally beautiful place to stop-by for an afternoon when travelling around the Valle d’Itria.

Historically, Locorotondo is famed for its beauty, wine production and whitewashed reflective buildings, and this particular area composes a mix of historical buildings, in both era, style and international interest. Aside from the aforementioned trulli, Locorotondo is particularly noted for the houses and apartments with piked gable roofing, most commonly found in the narrowly packed town centre, or the ‘centro storico’. These houses are known as ‘cummerse’, and the tight streets are littered with well-kept balconies overflowing with flowers and trailing plants that simply seem to embellish and illuminate the white stone exteriors, captivating endless visitors with spiral staircases, winding streets and grand doorways.

A house proud, religious village, there are also many churches to explore, along with a real mixture of fading, decadent, baroque archways. These unrestrained and once lavish structures provide a stunningly beautiful, disjointed juxtaposition of Italian styles when mixed with the quaint formations of trulli and packed-in apartments, ‘cummerse’ homes and terracotta pot plants.

For the able and determined walker, the trail up to the village top will entrust you to a panoramic view of the entire Valle d’Itria, giving the viewer a real treat of Puglia, Bari and the greenest part of Italy’s southern peninsula. The scenic tapestry of vineyards, fields of wheat and endless groves of olive trees amongst the unusual buildings are, by all accounts, worth every step of the climb. Complimenting your journey will be, if required, fantastic coffee and enticing snack shops available at every corner and steep incline. For the thirstily-inclined view seekers, the options to recharge some batteries wherever their needs see fit are abundant.

An obviously proud village, the history of white wine production in the evening may entice the day tripper to stay an evening in a rented trullo or cummerse to properly sample the local grape, although Borgo Egnazia is situated so locally this is not, practically speaking, even necessary. White, slightly sparkling and readily available at every local establishment, the main wine producer in town is the Cantina Socile del Locorotondo. The main headquarters of the local wine tasting, buying and distribution neighbour the main railway station. When staying with the Borgo Egnazia resort, wether in the Hotel, the villas or ‘Il Borgo’, combined excursion experiences are encouraged and organised to tailor-make your holiday. Borgo Egnazia’s excursions to and from the sumptuous hotel resort ensure a convenient day of transportation around the nearby historical places of interest may be combined with trip to Martina Franca and Alberobello, both nearby and visible from the stunning town-top view of the Valle d’Itria.

The stunning surroundings of ‘the round place’ is the perfect destination for short excursions; harnessing the lush, rich, essence of Bari’s wine producing landscape and culture with stunning views. Locorotondo is a must see, a literal taste of the local Apuilan way of life without tourist saturation. The luxury of the Borgo Egnazia resort when one returns for another night’s deserved rest can only compliment this dream-land, providing the idyllic base for your pilgrimage of the provinces of Puglia.

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